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    Monday, May 10, 2010

    Stolen bike and searching for a new one

    Sadly, my 2008 Novara Safari was stolen from the Franconia Metro Station here in DC. I am pretty bummed because it was a great bike and the new Safaris are nothing like previous editions. I am not fully consumed by my search for a new bike.

    Right now the front runner is the new version of the Safari but the Surly Long Haul Trucker is a close second. Either way both bikes will require several hundred dollars in retrofits to meet my standards.

    Here is a great video on the current 2009 Novara Safari.


    MzunguEriki said...

    geez louise. I would not even be able function if my only bike were stolen. Isn't there a crisis hotline you can use for this?

    ANd now your new bike will need a completely new set of tools and spares. Probably the bike industry stole it.

    Hoyawolf said...

    Erik, Exactly how I feel. I was really kicking myself for having recently sold my mountain bike. Over the past three years I have sold a touring bike, a cyclocross bike, a mtn bike, a road bike and a triathlon bike.

    Hopefully it will not get stolen again in Dar...