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    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    Arla's Saga Classic Blue Brie

    Recently, I was looking for a decent bleu cheese and came across Arla's Saga Classic Danish Bleu Brie. Having never tasted this particular cheese I purchased a five ounce wedge. This cheese's quality was surprising and a superb value for only five dollars. I would not hesitate to buy this product again.

    I unwrapped the cheese an hour before serving so it would warm to room temperature. Although chilled, the aroma had a gentle pungency without being overpowering with a fresh earthy mushroom fragrance. The thin off-white mold rind was tasteless and did not detract from the cheese. The pale off-white color with a slight yellow tint highlighted the marbled dark mold veins. When cut the double cream cheese texture is soft.

    This cheese tastes simply and straightforward, as expected from a mild bleu cheese. It starts tangy with a vibrant mushroom flavor, but not your average kitchen sliced pizza topping. The taste reminded me of wild German Steinpilzen. A very mild briny finish accentuated the crushed peppercorn crackers and grapes served with the cheese.

    I would not hesitate to buy this cheese again in the future. The cheese paired well with a Riesling and Pinot. The earthy flavors were complimented by the sweet wines. The Saga Classic Bleu Brie is a great daily cheese and inexpensive enough not to warrant a special occasion.


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    I love saga's brie too. Did you know they have an official website now?