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    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Pool time! with a short video

    Today I did my usual 2000yds at the local indoor pool. My workout is usually a 1000yds main set and a 1000yds of drills. I broke my laps out today in the following way: 5x100yds, 10x50yds, 2x200yds with buoy, 2x200yds with kickboard, 100m breast stroke, and 100m kick-on-side drills.

    I shot this video of a hundred yard interval with my HD Flip Camera. I was just trying to keep a nice even stroke for the camera to critique myself later. I notice on my return lap that I seem to be crossing the middle. However, I think my elbows look okay and my turns are decent. Note my ripped back! :) Please any swimmers out there feel free to post a critique in the comments!


    Parafille said...

    Music accompanying this video cracks me up!
    Good fundamental stroke, breathing on both sides, steady pace. I'd like to lengthen your reach out front, bring it more towards center line, & increase body rotation. We'll do some drills to work on this, look forward to joining you & KJW in the pool, need others to get me back in!

    Thomas Bussiere said...

    Nice stroke - Much smoother than mine. Looks like a busy year for you!