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    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    Skiing with my dad and son - Life is Good

    We have made it out a few times this year for ski-weekends with the kids. Here is a short video I shot while skiing with my dad and son. I hope they had as much fun as me!

    Tuesday, February 16, 2010

    Pool time! with a short video

    Today I did my usual 2000yds at the local indoor pool. My workout is usually a 1000yds main set and a 1000yds of drills. I broke my laps out today in the following way: 5x100yds, 10x50yds, 2x200yds with buoy, 2x200yds with kickboard, 100m breast stroke, and 100m kick-on-side drills.

    I shot this video of a hundred yard interval with my HD Flip Camera. I was just trying to keep a nice even stroke for the camera to critique myself later. I notice on my return lap that I seem to be crossing the middle. However, I think my elbows look okay and my turns are decent. Note my ripped back! :) Please any swimmers out there feel free to post a critique in the comments!

    Monday, February 15, 2010

    Early 2010 racing season and future plans

    The first half of my 2010 racing season is taking shape. Plans have changed drastically since I did not move to California. I have not done much distance running since October and the ridiculous winter weather here in the mid-Atlantic has kept me on the tread mill. My new work schedule is also impacting my workouts.

    No-longer can I easily get two-a-days in an excellent gym at work. I am reduced to slumming at the neighborhood gym and making off to a local gym I can use for free. What is really impacted is my ability to do a quality swim three times a week and couple running with solid strength sessions. I have taken up doing Cross-fit after my aerobic work. So far I am pleased with the results; after being a hater for so long. I'll post more on my workouts in the future.

    I registered for the Ex2Adventures Backyard Burn Spring Trail Running Series. These races take place at numerous parks here in the Northern Virginia area. The series comes in five and ten mile editions. Since I am not fast enough to be competitive at the longer races I have registered for the shorter five mile races. I have consistently placed in them during past events and finished in the top five overall for the four race series. The races:

    Race #1 March 07 - Wakefield Park - Annandale, VA
    Race #2 March 14 - Hemlock Overlook - Clifton, VA
    Race #3 March 28 - Fountainhead Park - Fairfax Station, VA
    Race #4 April 11 - Prince William Forest Park - Triangle, VA

    Taking me into the middle months of the year I am registered for the 24 Hour Adventure Trail Run which is also held in Prince William Forest Park at Triangle, VA. It starts on 01 May at 0700 and finishes on 02 May at 0700. The course is a mix of single and double track through mostly rolling young hardwood forest. It is a great location and I am very familiar with the trails from past races there.

    I am not quite sure what the final month of my season will look like. I move to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in July. A nice 50 miler in late June would be great and I am still seeking one that fits my needs. However, most likely I will end up doing a few open water swim races. In late May there is the Jim McConnell Two Mile Open Water Race and in mid-June there is the Great Chesapeake Bay Swim (which I did two years ago with my friend Raul). I may finish my running with the 24 Hr and concentrate on the swims. Another option is to run the Highland Sky 40 Miler again.

    Tuesday, February 9, 2010

    Taking advantage of epic snowfall

    As many of you know the Washington DC metro area has received record snowfall numbers in the last week. Although the snow has indeed paralyzed the greater metropolitan area I have taken full advantage and have made it out on my cross country skis every day for the past five!