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    Sunday, June 14, 2009

    Two weeks out and staring to taper

    A good week of training as I start to ramp down towards my run on 20 June. I took adequate time off and still managed one or two good workouts.

    Monday - Complete rest day following nice back to back long runs over the weekend. It was well spent!

    Tuesday - Excellent pool workout in the morning. I swam 3000 yards in 4x250yds, 4x200 yds, 2x100yds, 6x50yds, 2x200 w/board, 2x200 w/buoy, 200 KOS. The workout was preceded by my smashing two toes. It hurt, a lot! Thankfully there were not broken. I ran that afternoon and did a short but fast five miles on the treadmill at 7:30 mins/mile.

    Wednesday - Hit the gym early. Definitely looking forward to changing up my routine and am very motivated in the gym because of this. Afternoon run was only about 45 mins, 15 mins of which were on the stairs of the local high school football stadium. Good finishing work.

    Thursday - 2000yds in the pool, nothing special. Same workout as above minues the drills.

    Friday - Gym in the morning. Right after work I headed to do a quick ten miles on a local trail. Ran with some friends, a good time and decent pace. Just under 1:30. Faster than my race pace but good tune-up prior to starting my taper.

    Saturday - Spent all morning on the river kayaking. Hip flexors sore from "rolling" for about two hours solid! A good time though!

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