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    Saturday, June 6, 2009

    Run and a taper - two bits!

    Saturday - Trundled out of bed at 5:00 am to head out for a long run. Temperature was low 60s will little humidity given the amount of rain we have had recently. I drove to Burke Lake Park and ran one lap by myself, completely alone in a park that is usually crowded. Very nice views of the lake with a bit of mist hanging about the trees and water. The Northern Virginia Minotaur turned up to take two turns around the lake with me before heading back to his house. I ran a final lap and change by myself for a cool 20 miles at 2:51 ~ 8:33 mins per mile.

    Sunday - Legs felt pretty good and I spend most of Saturday afternoon reloading my calories - otherwise known as gorging! Met a running/swimming friend back at Burke Lake for a few laps. We ran two laps and change for 10 miles in 1:22 - most of the run was a good solid pace but the last 3/4 of the final mile was a flat out sprint! Argh, my quads were screaming for relief by the time we hit the cut-off for the parking lot trail.

    I feel that I have some miles in me over the past month and that I am ready for Highland Sky despite my long-ish break in training from travel and sickness. Over the next two weeks I will post my taper workouts, race preview, and some gear reviews.

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