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    Sunday, May 17, 2009

    Sunday Rain Run

    Forecast this morning was for rain and wind. Yet somehow I was surprised when indeed it was rainy and windy when I woke up! A quick breakfast of a bowl of Kashi Crunch and I was out the door to run ten miles with my new friend/training buddy Tyler.

    After meeting at my house we rode out to Burke Lake Park. Rainy there too. Damn. Out of the truck and into the weather we started strong and stayed fast. The trail was muddy but not excessively given the past two weeks of rain. There were not many other runners out but by the second lap they were starting to show.

    We finished the ten miles in 75 mins exactly. A good effort on a bad day!


    Thomas Bussiere said...

    I know what you mean! My long run last weekend started off nice for the first mile before the flood gate opened and spent the next 5 hours socked to the bone. The good thing is I never overheated which made eating easier.

    Hoyawolf said...

    Word. Running in the rain does at least keep the temp down. This past week it was 46 degrees on the day I ran stairs. Amazingly cold. I thought I was back in Germany.

    What are you currently training for? I have a 40 mile ultra on 20 June. Highland Sky