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    Thursday, May 14, 2009

    "I got my swagger back" Jay-Z

    Thankfully I am fully back into training and will complete a full-cycle of workouts this week! It has left me sore after five weeks of being sick, traveling, and light workouts. However, in keeping with my personal philosophy about mediation, zen, and exercise this suffering is good for my soul. I have recently overcome some personal challenges and this is helping to keep me focused.

    Monday - Cloudy day and overcast but I started out with a solid swim of 2000 yds. I swam 10x50yds, 5x100yds, 2x250yds, 2x100yds w/board, 2x100 w/buoy, 100yds KOS. May I mention that I hate yards pools vs. meters pools. Swimming the shorter pool makes me feel like a rat in a wheel, stroke - stroke - turn - repeat! The afternoon was nice and cool but sunny. I ran 4.5miles at 8mins/mile on rolling hills. Last week was solid and I felt really good.

    Tuesday - I love "10k Tuesday." The morning started out with a good weights session at the local neighborhood gym. I am having withdrawal after two years of maximizing my time in the Pentagon's excellent facilities. My afternoon run was really nice - some rolling hills, speedy flats, and one really long two mile hill. I put in 6.83 miles exactly at 8mins/mile. This nice run was followed up by beer o'clock and grill-thirty.

    Wednesday - Crowded, hot and wet; not another trip to Africa but the Belvoir pool. Ugh. I swam my 2000 yds but it was painful. It was 5x200yds, 2x50yds, 2x100yds, 2x150yds, 2x100 w/board, 2x100 w/buoy, 100yds KOS. The water was 87 degrees. It felt like bath water. Wednesday being a light day I ended on a good note - an entire Greek pizza from our local favorite!

    Thursday - Stairs. I ran stairs for a solid 45 mins. A cool and overcast morning made for fun running. It crushed my thighs and calves. I hit the weights in the afternoon at the post gym. A nice change from the neighborhood gym. At this point I have probably plateaued with my weight regimen. My current plan is to continue my present workout for another three weeks and then adjust to once a week with weights so I can ramp up my running.

    Friday - Standard morning swim time at 2000yds: 11x50yds, 1x100yds, 1x150yds, 1x200yds, 2x100yds w/board, 2x100 w/buoy, 100yds KOS. I did not get to run in the afternoon so I will have to double up this weekend.

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