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    Friday, May 22, 2009

    Get up, Stand up!

    Monday - Morning swim in a hot pool. Is this how granola feels? 10x100yds, 1x200yds w/board, 1x200yds w/buoy, 100yds KOS for a 1500yds total. Thankfully after this coming weekend the pools outside open. I took the afternoon off from running to rest.

    Tuesday - Slept late - skipped weights! However, I did put down a fast 6.8 miles at 7 mins/mile. I also posted my first training video. I will experiment with this and post some more in the future.

    Wednesday - Stairs with two friends. I ran 45 mins on the stairs 72 stairs in all. Very good workout that left my quads crushed. That afternoon I went for a short swim. 2x100 yds w/board, 2x100 yds w/buoy, 100yds KOS, 1x250yds, 5x50yds. Great little workout to bridge the afternoon.

    Thursday - I just hit the weights - hard. I have really been getting some decent sessions the past two weeks. However, I think I am starting to plateau. I am hoping to shift to once a week after the end of the month as I start to really ramp up my aerobic training.

    Friday - Drove to North Carolina to visit family over Memorial Day. Five hours in the car will cramp the legs! My solution was a 5.5 mile run in the woods near my parents' house. I put down at just over 8 mins/mile.

    Saturday - The plan is to swim in the morning - provided I can find a pool open and lift in the afternoon. I'll post an update tomorrow evening. **Update** Swam this morning in a meters pool, hard transition after spending the last month swimming yards! I swam 3x50m, 3x100m, 3x150m, 3x200m, 1x200 w/board, 100m w/buoy, 100m KOS. After the pool I went straight to the gym for a good weight session. Always hard to lift after a swim but it felt good.

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