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    Friday, May 29, 2009

    Another week closer to Highland Sky

    Monday - Long car drive. Eating all weekend. Nice and cool temps in DC. Of course, a run is the only logical conclusion! I stretched out in the local area from the house for about 15 miles in two hours, good long effort. The only bad side-effect was overeating at the Maccaroni Grill. This in itself is not bad but stacked upon a weekend of overeating at my parents' house it was catastrophic! Two pounds over my usually svelte 150.

    Tuesday - Slept in early morning because I could! Solid weight session in the afternoon. Nuff said.

    Wednesday - Early morning. Cold pool. Fast laps. I swam 2000yds at 3x50yds, 3x100yds, 3x150yds, 3x200yds, 2x100yds w/board, 2x100yds w/bouy, 100yds KOS. Although my legs were a little wooden after yesterday's run the swim felt great. Nice flow in the pool, I call it my shark lope, just a perfect rhythm. Nice evening run in my new Montrail's, 4.5 miles at about 8 mins/mile, rolling terrain.

    Thursday - Another good weight session. I either need to increase my resistance, reps or redesign a new program. I want to get to once a week with weights until the summer racing season is over. Thursday night lights was the name of the evening game. I did a short run down to the local high school and did stairs, total time from house was 45 mins round trip. Very nice!

    Friday - 2000m in the outdoor pool! Drills first - 2x100m with buoy, 2x100m w/fins, 100m KOS followed by 10x100m and 10x50m. Remember your sunscreen kids!

    This weekend I have two back to back long runs planned - 10 miles Saturday and 18 miles on Sunday. One more week before I start my taper for the Highland Sky 40 Miler.

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