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    Sunday, March 1, 2009

    Sunday stroll

    Ran 13 miles today, started much later than I had planned because Hoyawolf Jr. had a 3 am trip to the hospital. Mrs. Hoyawolf graciously took him to the hospital and I remained in bed - you know - to watch the other sleeping ones! :)

    We had about a half-inch of snow last night but by the time I started to run it melted. The sidwalks were clear and mostly dry. I went for a nice 13 mile figure eight loop on some of the roads near my house. I was turning about 8-9 minute miles.

    I also used my Nathan HPL 020 hydration backpack, it was a gift from Parents of Hoyawolf. Based upon a review by Bryon Powell on ( I asked for it as a Christmas gift. My review will most likely be posted here after I use it at the Elizabeth Furnace Fat Ass 50km Trail Run.

    Lately I have been thinking of how to expand my blog and make it more useful, informative, etc. My plan is to add several "regular" weekly features. I would like an "around the blogs" section that examines some of my favorite trail running, biking, and swimming sites. A weekly "feature" or "op-ed" would be a good addition as well. If I could get my posts down to three-four regular posts a week that would be a nice format. Maybe posts on Mon, Weds, and Fri to cover the blogs, opinion, and my training. I will give it a try this week!

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