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    Sunday, March 15, 2009

    Running of the blogs

    The trail running season is upon us and if you are not logging your training time now you better get started! Of course I could use with taking my own advice. This weekend was supposed to be long, back to back runs, however, it ended up as two nice stay in the house and play legos with the little wolves days. No complaints. I'll just train harder...With spring just around the corner it seems the outdoor world has really come alive.

    The Elizabeth Furnace 50km is what I supposed to run on Saturday but some other commitments kept me from it. Thankfully someone was out running! Sounds like it was a great time. Since the Wolf family camps there often I look forward to hitting the Elizabeth Furnace/Signal Knob trails soon.

    The impeccable Irunfar had two great pieces this past week of interest to all runners and outdoor enthusiasts. The first was on trail running photography and the second on trail running camera selection. Obviously these skills can help benefit anyone active in the outdoors looking to take the perfect - or better than usual with no head chopped off - picture.

    While this past week was snow, rain, and chilly wind our trail friends in California were again enjoying excellent weather! Who among us east coasters doesn't wish they were running carefree in the sun? Lynn Astalos' blog really shows the advantages of year round good weather; look at this guy's calendar!

    Speaking of California, here is a race report on the Way Too Cool 50KM. Sounds like a great time and it is definitely one of the "to do" races for the early season racer. Any blog that has running, woodworking, and books is a winner!

    The prestigious Piolet d'Or prize is given once a year to the most innovative, challenging, and imaginative climber/s who epitomize alpine mountaineering's most cherished traits. This year's nominees are all exceptional. I have been climbing since age 16 and with a fair amount of experience in all mediums I appreciate what commitment these climbers possess.

    If you need to motivate yourself this week for training here is a good video from trailrunning soul that gets at why we run (or push ourselves in our various endeavors) whatever they may be!

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