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    Friday, March 6, 2009

    Neither wind, nor sleet, nor rain, nor dark of night

    Training this week was a bit insane. My personal philosophy is that "bad weather" mileage counts double when you are storing up suffering for an endurance event! Sunday it began the snowy wintry mix and by Monday we had a good six to eight inches of powder! The temps remained in the low 20s through Thursday during the day. Brrr...

    Monday - Solid swim although I felt a bit rushed in my workout because I was pressed for time. I swam: 6x50m, 4x100m, 2x200m, 1x200m w/board, 4x50m w/bouy, and 2x50m w/fins. Still in rebuild phase as I get in shape for my open water events this summer.

    Tuesday - Good weight session but I felt a little weak. Probably not enough sleep over the past few days. I hope I do not end up sick like my son. Nothing wrecks a well-laid training program like an unforseen illness. My afternoon run was solid, I managed a decent tempo run of six miles at 7:30 mins/mile.

    Wednesday - My favorite day during the week! Not only does it bring us half-way to the weekend but I reward myself by sleeping late and working out only once. Today I hit the pool in the afternoon. I swam 1500m: 5x200m, 1x200m w/board, 4x50m w/bouy, 2x50m free.

    Thursday - Hit the weights again with Woody. Can definitely feel the effects of moving from my strength to endurance training program. Nice to feel the muscles stretched and sore! I think over the course of three months I managed to stack-on an extra two-three pounds of muscle. My body weight is hovering around 154 pds now instead of 151 pds. My afternoon run was excellent, I did hard intervals for a five mile total: 2x400m at 5:42 min/mile, 2x800m at 6:00 min/mile, 1x1200m at 6:00 min/mile, 1x800m at 6:00 min/mile, and 1x400 at 5:42 min/mile.

    Friday - At the pool platform early for my swim going into the weekend. I swam 1600m total. The sets were: 2x50m, 2x100m, 2x150m, 2x200m, 1x200m w/board, 1x200 w/bouy, 1x100 w/fins, 1x100 kick on side. I didn't develop a good rhthym in the pool this morning and while the workout was good it was not completely satisfying in terms of quality. Due to an unforseen work emergency I could not run Friday afternoon. I plan on running back to back over the weekend to make up for this missed workout.

    The weekend looks to be nice - mid-60s. The little Hoyawolves are racing this weekend and I have a date with a long run Sunday morning. A good time shall be had by all!

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