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    Saturday, March 7, 2009

    Little Hoyawolves Racing the Grizzly Mile and Cub Run

    The Grizzly Mile and Cub Run in Fredricksburg was our destination! It was a great time. Granpa and Grandma Wolf were there too, so it was an extra special day for the little ones. The race was held at Riverbend High School, a great venue. The weather was excellent, very warm, low 60s.

    Hoyawolf Jr's race was a mile around the school grounds with a lap on the track. Prior to the race was a warm-up and stretching. My little wolf fell in the warm-up lap but got back up, tears and all, and ran the race. After having viral pneumonia last week I was concerned he couldn't finish or run it all but he did a great job. Jr ran the whole race and hit the jets to sprint the last 100m. He put in a decent 10:28 mile (chip time!) - not bad for a six year old recovering from being sick!

    Miss Hoyawolf, decked completely in pink of course, ran after the end of the little wolves race. Her run was a 300m jaunt around the track. I ran with her and half-way around the lap she took my hand. We ran the second-half of the race holding hands the whole way. Well, almost, the whole way. About 50m from the finish line she stuck an arm out, giving me the Heisman. She crossed the finish taunting that she beat Daddy for first place!

    It was a great time and an excellent race. The Fredricksburg running club does a solid job with the kids' races. They are good for building confidence and, of course, everyone walks away with a prize. The Hoyawolves are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Great Train Race on 3 May!

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