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    Saturday, March 14, 2009

    In the trenches of a training week

    Sunday - The weather was perfect - mid 60's! - for a run. Despite gorging myself at lunch with some friends I persevered and in the afternoon squeezed out for a nice run. I recently "found" a new route with endless possibilities for some interesting running. I ended up doing a nice quick seven miles at about 7:45 mins/mile. The interesting part was the gradual uphill slog from the Potomac River back to the level of my house. I guesstimate it was was long two mile hill. Fun indeed!

    Monday - Kicked off the morning with fins on my feet! My legs felt like hammered billy goats; not good in case you were wondering. I managed to neck out my 1500m: 5x100m, 10x50m, 1x200m w/board, 1x100m w/buoy, 1x100m kick on side (KOS), and 1x100m w/fins. The afternoon ended up very busy and I almost did not escape the clutches of bureaucracy to run. However, I succeeded and ran four miles at 7:30 mins/mile. A nice tempo run.

    Tuesday - Lifted weights early with Woody. It felt good but difficult. I can tell I have not eaten enough protein over the last ten days or so. Powered through my usual Tuesday sets. The afternoon was much chillier than the previous day, temps in the low-50's. Woody and I ran from the building to the Iwo Jima Memorial. This is 3.6 miles round-trip; we were moving slow and turned it in about 32 mins total.

    Wednesday - Swim and recovery day. Thankfully Wednesday is my "half-day." I only do one workout! It is quite nicely placed in the middle of the week to boot. I swam 1500m in: 2x50m, 2x100m, 2x150m, 2x 200m, 1x200m w/board, 1x100m w/bouy, 1x100 KOS, 1x100 w/fins.

    Thursday - Good weight session this morning. I took my time working through each set. It was excellent! Ran outside today - it was very nice downtown. A bit breezy to start with temps in the low 40s but lots of sunshine. You can tell tourist season is upon us as there are more people walking around and more buses disgorging young tourists. I ran to the Smithsonian from work, it is 6.5 miles. I ran with Woody at about a 8:00 mins/mile.

    Friday - sleep, per chance to dream! - Macbeth, Shakespeare. Thankfully I plan on doing long runs back to back this weekend. This is thankful because today was only a swim day! I ended up doing 2000m in the pool - that blissfully, was not crowded. I swam: 4x5om, 3x100m, 1x1000m, 1x200m w/board, 1x200m w/buoy, 1x100m KOS.

    Saturday - Rest day!!! I was planning back to back long runs this weekend but the weather didn't cooperate.

    Weekly totals: run - 20.2, gym - 1:30hr, swim - 4500m.

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