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    Monday, March 16, 2009

    Human wheels go round and round...

    Following a sorry effort over last weekend that only saw me running to the fridge for more snacks I started this week off right and am planning to end it with a nice 15 mile effor this Saturday. We'll see how things develop!

    Monday - Cold wet conditions left me to run inside. I ran six miles at 7:30 mins/mile. The surefire cure to a bad day at work is a pool workout. Focusing on breath-stroke-breath-stroke-turn definitely helps to focus the mind and unclutter your thoughts. I swam 2000m today: 6x50m, 3x100m, 4x250m, 1x200m w/board, 1x100m KOS, 1x100m w/buoy. Good stuff and excellent for stoking up the furnace before supper!

    Tuesday - The gym was pain this morning. I never really felt that I could get into a good rhythm. Definitely need more than five hours sleep! A standard tempo run of five miles at 7:30 mins/mile. Nothing to see here...move along.

    Wednesday - Short and slow, I ran three miles at 8:00 mins/mile. My legs were really tired and needed the break. This afternoon I did a shorter swim as well. I swam 1350m: 2x50m, 2x100m, 2x150m, 2x200m, 1x200m w/board, 1x100m w/fins, 1x50m KOS. Torqued my left calf while doing the KOS laps. Ouch.

    Thursday - Left calf still hurts, so I took the day off. Planning to run tomorrow in the morning. We'll see how that turns out!

    Friday - I ran four miles but the calf hurt so I took it really easy.

    Satuday - Seven miles at eight mins/mile. Feeling much better.

    I am gone to Italy and Germany the week of 22-28 March. Probably not going to have much opportunity to post.


    Thomas Bussiere said...

    I enjoyed reading about your training. A lot of hard training - Maybe following a hard day with a recovery day may keep the injuries at bay. Everyone is different with different needs. I know some elite ultra runners that follow this protocol.
    Keep up the good work.

    Hoyawolf said...

    Thomas - Thanks. I just saw this post and sorry for not responding earlier. I am just now getting some time back - the most precious natural resource and re-starting my training after being sick and transitioning jobs.

    Just curious how you found my blog.

    Thanks for reading!