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    Sunday, February 22, 2009

    Sunday slog in cold wintry mix

    I was supposed to run early yesterday morning with the Minotaur but did not. My left hamstring was pretty sore, I think I may have slightly strained it during my interval workout earlier in the week. Ended up taking it easy on Saturday - went to the Musuem of the Marine Corps with the family (Mrs. Hoyawolf is a Marine). Very good museum and I highly recommend it.

    This morning I got up a little later and decided to go on a middle distance run. I met my friend Rob and we ran 4.2 miles together at a slowish pace. The weather was overcast and slighly misty. Our route was a hilly loop from our houses.

    After one lap Rob had to head to the house so I drove on for two more laps for a total of 12.6miles. Maybe five mins into my second lap it was snowing big heavy flakes mixed with frozen rain. Thankfully I was well bundled!

    After a quick problem with a kink in the hose of my new hydration pack - a Nation H20 (review later in the week) - things were back to normal into the second lap. A quick snack of water and gel kept me motivated and on the third lap I picked the pace up some. However the last mile is basically up and over a large hill. My hamstring started acting up again on the climb and I eased downhill to the house to lessen the stress on it.

    A good run all in all and much better than just lazing the day away in the house.

    Tomorrow I begin my new workout plan and will post details here.

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