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    Tuesday, February 24, 2009

    New weight routine and other musings

    Today I began my new weight lifting regimine with a friend this morning. Time to start ratcheting back from the heavier lower reps to my favorite high intensity light weight and high reps routine. This afternoon we are planning to run some intervals - always a good time. I plan to run 10x400m at a 5:42 pace with 400m inbetween.

    My new schedule is this:

    Tuesday -

    (all sets are 2x15 reps) dumbbell bench press, tricep extensions, dumbbell incline press, leg press, dumbbell curls

    (all sets are 2x25 reps) back extensions, crunches, sit-ups, legs raises

    Thursday -

    (all sets are 2x15 reps) decline bench press, seated rows, bar curls, flies, dips, dead lift

    (all sets are 2x25 reps) weighted side bends, trunk rotations, ab pulls, sit-ups

    I try to keep the intensity high throughout the workout and minimize rest time. It is a good routine. Most likely I will stick with it for the next 2-3 months until I really start to get serious about running and swimming. Then I will cut my weights to one session per week.

    In the future I am going to post a few links to interesting running/swimming/endurance sport articles daily but under a seperate blog entry.

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