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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Future plans? Who knows...

    Today was another good weight session in the gym. However, I do not feel that I have quite figured the weight needed for each set. I didn't leave feeling like I had really been worked hard. It will probably take me another two workouts or so to tweak it just right.

    This afternoon the plan is to do a short tempo-pace run. My right hamstring is still a little sore and I don't want to aggrevate it.

    On a completely different note is a little musing on my racing plans for the summer. Right now I am registered for the 20 June Highland Sky 40 Miler at Davis, WV to be ran in the Dolly Sods Wilderness Area. All reviews and reports indicate this will be an awesome race. I really want to dedicate myself to this race so I have forgone racing my usual short trail series in the spring. This was a lot to give up as I am competitive at the 10k distance and finished 5th overall in the fall series.

    I don't have any other plans at this point. I will do two open water one mile swims but other than that my calendar is free. I am currently seeking a 50 miler for late summer in the August/September time frame. A 50k would suffice as well.

    Some professional developments have shot my plans to run the TransRockies Stage Race this year. I am tentatively looking at a 100 miler for 2010. There is a very strong possibility I will be abroad next year without my family. To occupy my time I could train for the ultimate distance.

    I found this great article on Velonews about collegiate cycling - enjoy!

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