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    Thursday, November 6, 2008


    I started off the day right - with a very hard track workout. 4x400 at 6mins/mile, 3x800 at 6 mins/mile, 2x1200 at 640mins/mile, 2x800 at 6.40 mins/mile, 1x400 at 5.40mins/mile. My trackworkout starts with an 800m warm up and I ran 200m between the first sets of 400 and 800 but then full 400m between the 1200s and the remainder. My quads have been screaming at me all day.

    In the afternoon the pool beckoned. I swam 5x200, 1x200 w/fins, 1x200 w/pullbouy, and 1x200 w/fins and kickboard. As always the pool was quite chilly and it takes the first 200m or so to warm up. What I like best about pool-day is sitting in the hot tub afterwards. Today I was in no hurry to get back up to my hobbit hole so parked there for 15 glorious minutes.

    Yesterday I did five miles. A progressive tempo run starting at 730 mins/mile and then moving to 650 mins/mile for the last mile. It was a great day to run - misty and cool. After missing my Tuesday run and only swimming on Monday it felt nice.

    Tomorrow is weights and a short run.

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