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    Sunday, October 26, 2008

    Weekend Recap

    Friday was a good day. Intervals and a swim. My legs were smoked so Saturday I didn't even bother with a run.

    Hoyawolf Jr. scored his second goal of the season in his soccer match on Saturday morning. It was excellent - playing down-field he took a decent pass and punched it straight into the goal. The real challenge was a bunch of kids playing in the rain for a full hour. Hoyawolfette was in rare form for her soccer - she was convinced she wanted to go home until about two seconds after she ran out onto the field.

    Today the weather was great - cool and sunny, but very breezy. I ran a double five mile loop by the house. Did I mention we live in a VERY hilly area? Ugh, my quads are burnt.

    I am hoping to get two speed/tempo workouts in by Thursday so I can rest fully on Friday and Saturday prior to my next race. If I can lock up a top five finish next Sunday then I will definitely be in the hunt for overall series top five as well.

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