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    Thursday, October 23, 2008

    Speed Week

    No fast cars here just a lot of hard effort running! Tuesday was back on my feet and I did a nice middle distance tempo run - five miles at seven mins per mile. Later that afternoon it was weight room session one for the week.

    Wednesday was a short - three mile - but fast workout. I did the three miles at 6:18 per mile and then went immediatly to the pool. Swam 5x200's and then headed back to the office. All in all it was an efficient hour-long workout including stretching/warming up.

    At this point I must confess that although I have had the intention of running from home in the early morning hours sleep overtook me on Tuesday. Monday had just been too cold to be outside and I am still in my summer mindset.

    Thursday I made the break - at about 31 degrees it was damn chilly. A nice small loop near the house at a slower pace. Tomorrow is my interval workout - death!

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