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    Friday, October 17, 2008

    Simmering down...

    Ah yes - the late fall season and with it the blessed end of long multi-hour runs that last distances beginning with the digit 2,3, or 4!! The flip-side is short but fast workouts that leave you feeling like you have been knifed and beaten with sand-filled rubber hoses.

    After being in Turkey for an entire week and not running at all it was back to grind. This week I put down a few nice tempo runs of about 7 and 8 miles with two shorter speed workouts; one interval session and one three mile race-pace run.

    I am feeling pretty good about this weekend's race at Wakefield Park. The course is relatively flat across multi-surfaces; road, singletrack, crushed pathway, and open fields. The technical portions (ie rocky!) are along Accotink Creek. There are a few steep but short climbs up from the creek that cross several of the draws as you break out of the trees toward the finish with about a half-mile across an open field. The finish is great with lots of folks there to cheer on the racers.

    Last year I finished 10th in this race. I am looking for a top five this time. I am going into the fall series four pounds lighter at 150 with a good bit more mileage in my legs although perhaps not as much speed work. The weather looks to be cool - low mid 40s by the 9:00am start. Look back here Sunday night for a race report.

    Saturday is also Hoyawolf Jr and Hoyawolfette's soccer day. The last game Hoyawolf Jr. scored his first ever goal. It was beautiful and his interest spiked accordingly. Hoyawolfette continues to blaze away at her tiny kickers sessions as well. There is no one cuter in pigtails kicking a soccer ball that I know!

    Bring on the race, I am ready for the post-run beer. Happy Trails.

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