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    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Weekend Recap and Monday Run

    As usual the weekend went by in a flash. Saturday was the start of the soccer season for the kids. It was great. Hoyawolfette was very intent the whole time and although at her age they don't play a real game she chased and kicked the ball for 45 mins solid. Hoyawolf Jr on the otherhand was in full swing - minus goalies. He played in all four quarters and did equal time on offense and defense. Making one dash down the sideline dribbling the ball. Mom and Dad cheering loudly of course!

    The rest of the weekend it seems like all we did was eat. Last night was perfect at a local middle eastern place.

    This morning was back to training hard. I put in an hour, knocked down about 7.5 miles at a nice even steady pace. Swimming this afternoon.

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