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    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    Sunday morning run and other musings

    Rainy weekend since Friday - terrible weather for being outdoors. The little Hoyawolves' soccer games were canceled on Saturday morning the fields were so soaked.

    We had some friends over on Saturday night, the kids all played well together as usual. I hid from the raucousness by watching some college football. Sadly both the Georgia Bulldogs and NC State Wolfpack were beaten in a manner similiar to that ofa rented mule.

    This morning I headed out to Burke Lake to run - did a quick 11 miles in the pouring rain. I had set out to run a full 15 but it was raining too hard.

    By the way I have to address something: The Rocket Man, Yves Rossy. He is a Swiss fighter pilot, airline pilot, and parachutist whose life quest was to build and fly a jet powered wing across the English Channel. He did it and was successful! You can see the video here:

    It is an awesome adventure as well as a great feat of engineering. I think most people may have dismissed it as another stunt but I think it has enormous potential for the future of personal flight. Particularly if you consider the advances made since the first heavier than air powered flight by the Wright Brothers.

    Hopefully soon we will all have the opportunity to soar like Yves Rossy.

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