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    Sunday, September 28, 2008

    Sunday morning run and other musings

    Rainy weekend since Friday - terrible weather for being outdoors. The little Hoyawolves' soccer games were canceled on Saturday morning the fields were so soaked.

    We had some friends over on Saturday night, the kids all played well together as usual. I hid from the raucousness by watching some college football. Sadly both the Georgia Bulldogs and NC State Wolfpack were beaten in a manner similiar to that ofa rented mule.

    This morning I headed out to Burke Lake to run - did a quick 11 miles in the pouring rain. I had set out to run a full 15 but it was raining too hard.

    By the way I have to address something: The Rocket Man, Yves Rossy. He is a Swiss fighter pilot, airline pilot, and parachutist whose life quest was to build and fly a jet powered wing across the English Channel. He did it and was successful! You can see the video here:

    It is an awesome adventure as well as a great feat of engineering. I think most people may have dismissed it as another stunt but I think it has enormous potential for the future of personal flight. Particularly if you consider the advances made since the first heavier than air powered flight by the Wright Brothers.

    Hopefully soon we will all have the opportunity to soar like Yves Rossy.

    Thursday, September 25, 2008

    Humpday was yesterday

    It has been a great week for training, kids, and life in general.

    First - die Kinder. Hoyawolf Jr's teacher sent a note home via email, not that kind of note though! It was a note that said he was doing excellent in class and ahead of his peers. Just the kind of thing you want to hear.

    As for training - I have been focused on my taper plan for the week. Five miles at 7:30mins per mile on Monday, three miles Tuesday, and two miles yesterday, all at the same pace. I am also fully into my new lifting program. I am doing eight exercises, two sets of 20, with lighter weights followed by five ab sets of 25 reps each. Smoker and leaves me beat. I also have gotten in a couple quality swims this week. As I ramped up my running I scaled back my swimming. Instead of 2-3000m per session I stay short but intense with 1200m per session.

    I know I spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on food here - mainly because I stay hungry all day long! However, here is what I have eaten so far today: four chips ahoy cookies, a bowl of honey nut cheerios, a nutrigrain bar, an apple, a bannana, rigatoni with tomato sauce, a coke zero, and two cups of coffee. I still have to eat supper and I weigh only 151 pds. This afternoon I will drink three bottles of I'm hungry again!

    Sunday, September 21, 2008

    The past weekend's training (or lack of!)

    I am using the time honored excuse of tapering for what did (not) happen this weekend. The intent was an hour on stairs Saturday and 10 miles Sunday before starting to taper down to this coming week's Great Endurance Run.

    Friday I did a short fast tempo run - something like 7mins per for 5 miles. Saturday I did a few laps - on the pizza at Hoyawolfette's birthday party and the follow-up at Johnny Rocket's for dinner :)
    Sunday was back to the grind with another tempo run.

    Tomorrow really starts the taper plan - coupled with a strong hydration and nutrition plan. I give myself about 90% chance of full achievement!

    Race on!

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    Transportation Strike

    The workers for the Fairfax Connecter - the buses that I ride to and from the city - are on strike. This has driven the cost of my commute up about two dollars a day and added 30 mins a day. I am ready for these folks to get some sort of agreement signed!

    Wednesday, September 17, 2008

    Big day for the Hoyawolves!

    Our little princess turned four years old - that is right - Miss Hoyawolfette. She is such a precious girl and we love her very much. She has made the last four years of her Dad's life extra special.

    To celebrate I have been training extra hard this week. I started a new weight training program - it is very good and I really like the suffering!

    Tuesday was short quick tempo run followed by the new training program. This morning I did a very solid interval workout - 2x400, 2x800, 1x1200, 1x800, 1x400 - at a 6min per mile pace for the run and about 8.5min per mile for the jog.

    Work interfered with my swim this afternoon so instead of only one workout tomorrow my hand is forced. Arrrgh!

    Monday, September 15, 2008

    Weekend Recap and Monday Run

    As usual the weekend went by in a flash. Saturday was the start of the soccer season for the kids. It was great. Hoyawolfette was very intent the whole time and although at her age they don't play a real game she chased and kicked the ball for 45 mins solid. Hoyawolf Jr on the otherhand was in full swing - minus goalies. He played in all four quarters and did equal time on offense and defense. Making one dash down the sideline dribbling the ball. Mom and Dad cheering loudly of course!

    The rest of the weekend it seems like all we did was eat. Last night was perfect at a local middle eastern place.

    This morning was back to training hard. I put in an hour, knocked down about 7.5 miles at a nice even steady pace. Swimming this afternoon.

    Friday, September 12, 2008

    End of a slow week

    This morning went for another quick fiver - just not motivated to run too much and my knee has been hurting from slamming into the downed log this past weekend. I got some weights in and generally took it easy this afternoon. Next week back to the grind.

    I did locate the local high school however - two opposing high sets of bleachers - about one and a half miles from my house. Perfect warm-up and cool-down distance prior to some quad punishing sessions on the stairs.

    Next week I am back to my regular job - this week was spent at another location and that has contributed to my general laziness....naah, just excuses! I'll be up and out early to punish myself prior to Hoyawolf Jr. and Hoyawolfette's soccer games tomorrow.

    Tuesday, September 9, 2008

    Back to the grind

    Up and out early this morning - five quick miles on the local loop from my house. Lunchtime weights. Feeling good. However, my knee is a little stiff but doesn't bother me running or lifting.

    Last night was Hoyawolf Jr's first soccer practice. It was great - he did a good job but the little fellow is a tad smaller than his classmates. I guess his 5'9.5" 150 pd dad and tiny mom aren't helping in that regards.

    Time to start preparing for the Great Eastern Endurance Run....

    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    Trail half-marathon results

    After our race course was altered I was a little bummed. I had really been looking to spend most of the day on singletrack trails - mainly because my strength is technical running, definitely not running fast on the flats of the fireroads we were on most of the morning.

    My time was 1:42:15 with a 14th place, not too bad.

    The day was not without incident though - I think I was underhydrated and the last four miles were ran on half-breaths with a wicked side stitch. Thankfully my only deity bestowed talent is to suffer.

    Tomorrow I am not running - just hitting the weights but then I start ramping back up for the Great Eastern Endurance Run on 27th Sep. I hope to get a few extended speed sessions into my legs before then.

    Friday, September 5, 2008

    Stop - not hammer time

    After a nice relaxing rest day today and yesterday my race for tomorrow morning was scrubbed due to weather. Thank-you Hurricane Hanna.

    ...So I did what any endurance athlete would do - I ate a personal sized greek pizza and followed it up with a piece of carrot cake (out of this world homemade variety). I'm carbing up and restocking my simple sugars all at once.

    The race should go on Sunday morning but if the storm is as bad as they expect it may be canceled.

    In that case no telling what I'll eat!

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008

    Simmer down!

    Sixty-seven degrees as I rode to the metro station this morning, a pleasant three and a half miles.
    Ninety-five plus degrees as I headed home in the evening was not as enjoyable.

    I kept to my taper plan today for this weekend's race: two miles at 6:30 and 6:00 mins per mile respectively for my tempo run followed with a quick ab circuit.

    Tomorrow I will lift in the morning and then do nothing until the start gun on Saturday morning. The forecast looks wet....good; suffering is the only talent that comes naturally to me.

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008

    Taper and a bike - two bits? :)

    On a lark at the last minute I signed up for the Ex2adventures Trail 25km Run this weekend - although I have been putting in a lot of miles the past few months. This morning I ran a quick four miles and lifted this afternoon.

    The hard part is trying to resist the completely homemade carrot cake Mrs. Hoyawolf has sitting in the fridge!

    By the way, two weeks ago I bought a new bike for commuting - Novara Safari. Nice 26" wheel touring frame. I hung fenders and put a stem extender on it to make it a little more commute friendly. It took some creative metalwork to mount the fenders, pictures to be posted.