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    Sunday, August 31, 2008

    Welcome and a Sunday Run

    Started this blog to capture mine and my family's adventures - from museums, to star gazing, to biking and camping. Mrs Hoyawolf and I try to set a good example for Hoyawolf Jr and Hoyawolfette. Watching them enjoy the great outdoors, the art gallery, and each other is the best reward!

    This morning I headed out early to run with the Burke Lake Runners - a local group that meets once a week for putting down some mileage. I put in about 11 miles; I am semi-tapering for a half marathon this coming week. Great weather and a great run.

    This afternoon we went out to the Sheraton in Tyson's Corner to "Brickfest." An exhibition for Lego toys and the adult geeks who made it all possible. Hoyawolf Jr and his friend were duly impressed - Dad liked it too :)